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John Sinclair

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[19] "criss cross" E-mail
I Mean You
Sunday, 18 December 2005 00:34
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criss cross 

for penny,
on our 15th wedding anniversary

ever since that night
at cobb's corner
in 1979, when i saw you criss-

crossing the floor, your perfect ass a-
swing & a-sway, oh
it was love

at first sight, & i ve stayed that way
through all the crazy changes
we managed to endure, criss-

crossing in & out
of each other's lives, splitting up
& coming back together

so many times, until we were joined
as husband & wife at last
on that bright first day of 1989 

& 15 years later, i still love you
more every day, & i ll keep on loving you
as long as i have life

& if I have to be so far a-
way from you
on this lucky day, i m out here criss-

crossing the ocean to find
a place where i can bring you
to live out our days together, baby,

oh yeah happily ever after

december 26, 2003/
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january 7, 2004