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John Sinclair

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[16] "willow weep for me" E-mail
I Mean You
Sunday, 18 December 2005 00:32
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willow weep for me 

for penny

i know a man who loves you
is a hard thing to give up,
but when the good feeling
is gone, & all you can think of
is how bad things had gotten

& the thought of a future
with the same man
even though he loves you
is a terrifying prospect
because you just don t want him

any more, i know you feel
we ve been through this thing together
too many times
to make it work
if we try it again 

five times we ve been in love
& lived as man & wife,
five times we ve split apart 
five years since we married,
three months since you went away 

now i have to learn to live
without you in my life
though i can t stand to see you go 
i m the man who loves you,
but baby don t want me no more

superior street
july 26, 1993