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John Sinclair

The hardest working poet in the industry

[15] "bye-ya" E-mail
I Mean You
Sunday, 18 December 2005 00:32
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for my daughter sunny
on her 24th birthday

in the middle
of my 50th
year on this planet,
each one of them spent
in the great lake state
of michigan, once & future o-
jibway territory, & my only home

in this world to date 
in this 50th year
it is time
to leave behind the land
of my humble ancestors
& resettle in the southland
of my sunniest dreams 

so let me say my goodbyes
to harrison & clare,
ubly, kinde & port austin,
owosso, wyandotte, berkley & flint,
davison, albion, beloved detroit,
the house of correction,
ann arbor, jackson & marquette 

& while my darling sunny
& my dear mother elsie
must be left behind, & all the family
of my wife's left in detroit,
we re moving out
& heading south, to where the weather
better suits our clothes

& the sunshine we seek
may bring warmth to our bones
& help mend our broken hearts,
where the music that fills up the very air
will heal our aches & pains
& the ancestral spirits of the city
we wish to adopt as our own

may lend us the balm of hope
for our sorely battered temperaments aww,
c mon, baby, it's time for us to go
way down behind the sun
to the land of new orleans 
time to leave all our winters behind
& lift our spirits up to the southern sky

edward blackwell tribute 
riverboat hallelujah
new orleans jazz & heritage festival
may 4, 1991/
harmonie park
may 25, 1991