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John Sinclair

The hardest working poet in the industry

[12] "all alone" E-mail
I Mean You
Sunday, 18 December 2005 00:30
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all alone 

for penny

it's 4:30 sunday morning in detroit
& the famous coachman
has just made his change
from the blues to music

with a message, but i m still
stuck here all alone
in my room, chest deep
in the blues 

you re breaking my heart,
the way you leave me
waiting up for you all night
& not even call me, i know you

got to be trying
to discourage my suit
& dampen my ardor, so i m mad
as a wet hen, & feel so bad

just like a ballgame
on a rainy day, all alone
in my little bitty room
going out of my mind,

daffy as a motherfucking duck
to be so deep in love with you 
c mon baby, please send me
some kind of message in the night,

take these blues offa me
& let me make the change
back to you, i can t stand to be alone
without you one more day

harmonie park, detroit
july 24, 1988/
new orleans
december 22, 1995