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John Sinclair

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[10] "i surrender, dear" E-mail
I Mean You
Sunday, 18 December 2005 00:28
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i surrender, dear 

for penny

no matter what
i might do
to get you off my mind
you just won t leave the premises

& i don t know how to make it
any clearer, you been
gone so long
that i should be done got

over you by now
but no, there you are
in every motherfucking song
that enters my brain, every day

i want to call you
on the phone & tell you
i love you
in so many words like that,

i can t live without you,
let's get back together,
i want to marry you
& stay with you

for the rest of my life,
let's move to new orleans
& leave this place behind,
i ll be true to you

like i was so long
when we were together,
i don t want no-one else
as long as i have you,

these are the words
i wish i could say, but my pride
& the hard times we had
make me hold my tongue,

when you put me
out i swore
there d be no more going back
& i been trying to make it

without you so long
that it's driving me crazy,
no buts & no maybes:
do you want me back,

can you live without me,
shouldn t we be together,
can t we just swallow our foolish pride
& stop questioning everything

& face the facts for real 
you & me together,
baby, all ways
you & me 

i surrender dear

harmonie park
may 21, 1988