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John Sinclair

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[09] "hornin' in" E-mail
I Mean You
Sunday, 18 December 2005 00:27
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hornin  in 

for penny

okay, so i saw other women
when i was out on the road
in 86 & 87, just like
you always suspected,

& then they would call you
to say terrible things
over the phone
while i was in some other city,

that crazy woman from kansas city,
the hostile lady friend in chicago,
but you never heard from niambi
in new york city, or sweet margarita

down in new orleans yes, i
saw these ladies
as much as i could, & only wished
there were more of them

at the time, out on the road
with a seven-piece band
working for peanuts in college bars
& staying in cheap motels

from st. petersburg to stowe,
vermont, & all through the midwest
with the bills piling up at home
& no way to pay them,

your jaws would be so tight
when I d get back to detroit
that you might not even kiss me
for three or four days, or you d send me

off on another trip
with my nerves all tied up
& screaming, like you didn t even care
what i was going through

& you had it right again,
i never should ve went out there
& left you behind, trying to feed
three or four teenage girls

with no money to work with
& no help from me, it's no wonder
you felt so bad but i never cared,
it was all your fault to me

& i never looked back
until it was too late
& you had horned me out
where i belonged 

the band broke up,
the road was over too,
you put me out & no
other women

could replace you
as hard as i might try, no one else
could make my life en-
tire again, until i could finally see

it was you or no one for me
& picked up the phone at last
to horn back in on you once more,
baby, hornin  in on you

harmonie park
march 21/may 27/october 31, 1988/
august 10, 1990