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John Sinclair

The hardest working poet in the industry

Guide to Amsterdam E-mail
Friday, 16 November 2007 01:43
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Trailer for John Sinclair: Guide to Amsterdam

A one-hour DVD tour directed by Henk Botwinik in which the poet visits prominent coffeeshops 420 Cafe, La Canna, and Katsu, the Hempshopper hemp & cannabis seed shops, the Cannabis College and the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum. He talks with coffeeshop owners, cannabis experts and local activists to reveal the unique cannabis scene in Amsterdam. With plenty of laughs along the way, this is a DVD for those familiar with the coffeeshop scene as well as those who are planning a trip to Amsterdam or the simply curious. Soundtrack by John Sinclair with LangeFrans & Baas B, Electric Fans, SuperDude, Jon Short.

Produced by Henk Botwinik for Creative Resources.
Executive Producer: Larry Hayden.

For more information and to order the DVD, click here